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Garden Design/Build

BK Bumpkin designs and installs beautiful gardens. We work with your space, style and budget to create an outdoor oasis you can enjoy with family and friends.  Contact us to schedule an initial garden design consultation (includes a site visit, a detailed design plan, and a cost estimate).  

Does your garden need a haircut or help in any way? We can gently work your yard back into shape over the course of a single or several visits throughout the year.


We can also provide you with plants, compost, and mulch. Rates based on size of space and scope of work. 

Custom Planters
Indoor Garden Design

BK Bumpkin can help you source and select a wide variety of high quality planters for your gardening needs. We can also provide you with custom-sized raised beds and planters, and help you plant your new planters with site-appropriate vegetation.

An indoor garden can purify and beautify your home or office. Contact us to schedule a design consultation (includes a site visit, detailed design plan, and cost estimate).