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BK Bumpkin is an earth-friendly garden design and landscaping company that brings the beauty of the country into the urban environment. No matter how small, shaded or overgrown your outdoor space, BK Bumpkin will help you transform it into a vibrant and flourishing garden meant to be enjoyed with family and friends.


Our design approach is simple - to mimic nature. We do this by creating gardens that recycle nutrients, improve the soil, and provide habitat for beneficial wildlife. While the gardens we create attract butterflies and bees, they are chiefly designed with you in mind. 

We specialize in creating English cottage-style gardens, edible landscapes, pollinator gardens, and drought tolerant landscapes for sunny rooftops and terraces.  We are plant specialists and take pride in our ability to source and select the most site-appropriate vegetation that will thrive in your garden. 

Tell us more about your outdoor space and BK Bumpkin will help you transform it into a vibrant green retreat. 


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